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Exclusively for THE Commercial Blueprint Actors Only
The commercial club

The Commercial Club is a dedicated space for
The Commercial Blueprint actors to STAY READY
 so you don't have to GET READY for auditions. 

How confident would you be if you were a master of ALL the tools from THE Commercial Blueprint? 

How  amazing would it feel to be able to do any commercial audition that is thrown at you with JOY? Cuz, you got this. 


The truth is, you now have the tools to book commercial auditions AND you must work your instrument and tools on a consistent basis to be able to utilize them with ease in your real auditions.


The Commercial Club allows you to continue to have access to Kaz as a coach and refine your auditioning skills...even when it's when the opportunities come you are ready to book.  

How does The Commercial Club work? 

  • AUDITION WEEK: 1st week of the month- You will receive a self tape audition to turn in within 48 hours....just like a regular audition. 

  • CALLBACK WEEK: 2nd week of the month-a # self tapes will be selected for callbacks and we will rework them in a group zoom session. Sessions will be recorded so you can view at your convenience. 

  • Q&A/SCRIPT ANALYSIS WEEK: 3rd week of the month-Q&A with Kaz & 2 real life self tape auditions will be selected for a self tape alignment. Sessions will be recorded so you can view at your convenience. 

  • IN PERSON MOCK AUDITIONS: 3X a year Kaz will have actors come in for an in person audition and redirection at The Line Runner Tapes Studio in Hollywood, CA. 

As a member of The Commercial Club actors pay $45 a month and receive: 

  • 3 weeks a month of commercial audition workout (listed above) 

  • Access to Kaz for ANY question you may have about your real life auditions

  • A Commercial Club Community that speaks the TCB language and can help read for your commercial auditions 

  • 3 In Person Auditions a year with Kaz!

**The Commercial Club is exclusively for THE Commercial Blueprint actors ONLY.

Commercial Club



Every month

Exclusively for THE Commercial Blueprint Actors Only

Monthly Q&A session with Kaz via Zoom

Monthly self tape/script analysis with Kaz via Zoom

Self tape, zoom & in person auditions

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