Klaz Technique Works!

I booked THREE commercials right after Commercial Klaz.

I am on FIRE!


This 4 week On-Camera Klaz is the most comprehensive commercial audition technique class available. Commercial Klaz takes the guessing game out of commercial auditions as it teaches the actor the 'Klaz Technique', a step-by-step process to excel in commercial auditions where you can be authentic, creative and most importantly make choices that serve the spot. 

It offers the ultimate bag of tricks for any audition situation

Commercial Klaz focuses one-on-one on camera instruction in: 

* How to Book Off Your Slate
Nail your non speaking auditions
* Charm your way to a booking in interviews
* How to create easy and fun improv auditions
* Perfect Eyelines
* Bite and Smile Auditions
* Handling Product with Ease
How to build a relationship FAST for scene auditions
* How to Memorize Copy-Quickly

* Booking the Callback Room


Commercial Klaz is essential for any actor wanting to expand on their audition skills and add to their acting choices when in the room.

Students receive their on-camera class work every week via wetransfer file. 

Class size is limited to 10 to ensure proper camera time and one-on-one attention.  

4 weeks

Tuesdays 7-10pm