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Copy of Copy of Copy of Teal Black Clean Cutout Comedy Podcast Cover (711 x 400 px) (Mediu

Costar Decoded is for actors who: 

  • Want a step by step process they can replicate over and over for their Film/TV auditions. 

  • Actors who want to book their first costar! Whoop whoop!

  • Actors who want to know how to do auditions with a lot of action.

  • Want to elevate their game and learn how to turn in a 'bookable" self tapes. 

 Costar Decoded shows you a step by step process for the following types of auditions: 

  • Costars

  • One line auditions (these are the hardest) 

  • Auditions with a lot of actions (yikes!.... no worries!)

 Additional topics discussed in Costar Decoded:

  • How to turn in two distinct takes 

  • How to use character breakdown/description to your benefit

  • When to use or not use props

  • Script analysis for costars

  • Nailing your eyelines

  • Understanding & giving them the WHY, so they can BOOK YOU!

Benefits of Costar Decoded: 

  • Costar Decoded focuses on short form costar auditions but you can and should use this process for longer form auditions such as guest star and series regular auditions. This is the strongest foundation you can have for any film/tv audition.  

  • Decoding Worksheet is THE worksheet to use in your real life auditions so you are sure you implemented the process and the elements to turn in a bookable self tape. 

  • You learn how to do in depth script analysis and create a full life for even the most basic one liner audition.

  • You learn how to do a self tape audition with lots of actions.  

  • Costar Decoded lessons are pre-recorded/on demand and they are available for you to revisit and review at any time. In another words, you own the Klaz!

  • You can keep the compressive PDFs and checklists for each lesson. 

How does Costar Decoded work? 

Once enrolled in CD, you can start learning. Easy!

What does Costar Decoded include?

  •  On-demand course with 4+ modules you get to keep forever 

  • Audition examples by Kaz for each audition type that 'show' you the lessons in an audition format.

  • PDFs of Costar Decoded techniques that you can use as notes/reminders for your real life auditions

  • Costar Decoding Worksheet- Roadmap worksheet you will use over and over again to make sure your self tapes have all the elements necessary to book you. 



(value $97)


Get the' cheat sheet'  on how to approach the most common actions you will encounter in self tapes.

  • 3 techniques for scenes at a bar

  • How to do car scenes

  • How to kiss or be intimate in a scene

  • Attacking someone &  being held back from leaving/abducted in a scene. (great for procedurals)

  • How to immediately give nurse or doctor vibes

  • For medical procedurals: How to show you are working on a patient.

  • Slapping someone vs getting slapped in a scene

  • How push up and jumping jacks can add so much to your physical scenes

Get The Process For Costars & MORE 

$347 Value  for 


This program is designed for YOU TO BECOME YOUR OWN ACTING GURU!

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