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Line Runner Tapes


We put together our most commonly asked questions about our cross promo partna'ship– it should help you decide if we’d make good partners.

Hi  Partna'! 👋🏻 ✨

At Line Runners, we focus on every interaction being a win-win.

This builds long standing relationships with our partna's.

Cross-Promo Partna'ship is free and it's the easiest way we can show up for our community while offering awesome free content from people that serve the same audience -people like you!


  • You WIN by adding new people to your list 

  • We WIN by adding new people to our list

  • Both of our audiences WIN as they get to be introduced to quality experts, coaches, and services. BOOM!

Our partnerships primarily consist of...

  • In simple terms, we share your lead magnet with our email list and you do the same for us. We’ll promote your favorite freebie and you promote ours!​

  • We have a list of 3K+ engaged actors plus 12.7K+ instagram followers to introduce you to

  • Dedicated email for your list and their needs (or)

  • Series of social media posts and IG stories (whatever works out to be the most equitable) are really effective for spreading the word -and sharing the love!

What our partna'ship does NOT consist of...

  • we are not asking you to give us your email list or vice versa

  • something that will cost you anything- it is FREE!

  • tons of work on your end


Our Cross-Promo Partna'ship
is a proven no-cost way to grow your email list.

And, of course, if growing your list or meeting new actors isn’t one of your goals, no sweat… just let us know so we don’t ask again.

Who is Kaz &
what does Line Runner Tapes offer? 

Kaz coached/self tapped  1200+ self auditions for actors last year alone. LRT clients have booked series regular, recurring and co-star roles on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, ABC, CBS, FOX, and many other networks.


She offers actors coaching and self tapes in person and virtually. The Commercial Blueprint is her signature on demand course that helps actors have a process for commercial auditions so they don't go from audition to audition guessing and hoping for a struck of luck. TCB creates a simple pathway for actors to be authentic and create strong choices that serve story telling. Kaz personal commercial booking rate is 26%.


Simply put, Line Runner Tapes helps actors turn in bookable work. 

And we also have some really fun lead magnet freebies we’d love to share with your community (...more on that later!)

Subject 46.png

Who's on your list & isn't this a conflict of interest? 

Our 3K+ list  & our 12.7K+ instagram followers are almost entirely actors. As well as a tiny segment of entertainment-biz adjacent professionals who serve actors (think agents, managers, photographers, creatives). But when you think of our list, think ACTORS.

We nurture our audience  with great care so our audience is receptive to our voice. We are so very proud of that. Which is great news for you – when we introduce you to our audience by sharing your freebie our actors are ready to hear your insight. 

We strongly believe that there are enough actors to go around and more importantly, we want actors to hire the help that speaks to them most. If that’s us, great… and if that’s your company, also great!

Through cross-promo partna'ships it is our intention to create an environment where actors have exposure to the best quality resources & services so they are able to make smart decisions about their own careers.

We have zero reservations in sending an email to our list for you as we strongly believe that we each attract the right people to our work – which essentially means we don't believe in competition.

How Does It Work? 

Essentially we will be sharing insight that is valuable to actors with each other's communities. The goal here is to help each other build a bigger email list without wasting time or money on ad costs. 

Whenever you want to broaden your reach and add more names to your email list, for example…

  • Maybe you have a free masterclass and wanna have more actors attend

  • Maybe you want more actors to take advantage of a special discount or new offering

  • Maybe you’ve got a free resource (PDF, download, etc.) that you just know actors will love

  • Maybe you know you need to grow your d*mn list & this is the first step toward making it happen

We would essentially coordinate dates when we would share each others freebie with our audiences and send it out via email or post about it on our social media platforms.  Simple and FREE.


Let's Do This


If we didn’t answer your question above,
shoot us an email at
and we’ll get back to you right away.

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