We have all seen a substantial increase in self tape auditions. In some instances, they are even booking directly off the self tape so its more important than ever to submit great work.

Self Tape Klaz is an on-camera class which marries the audition process with the technical aspects of a self tape. This skill you learn in this Klaz can also be used for in the room auditions. 

Self Tape Klaz focuses on:


-Script analysis (critical for a great audition)


-Adding Physicality 

-Moment before and after

-How to approach physical & intimate scenes

-Tech needed for self tapes

-Editing your self tape

Students receive their on-camera class work every week via dropbox file. 

Class size is limited to 8 to ensure proper camera time and one-on-one attention.  

Get more callbacks and booking off your self tapes with Self Tape Klaz.

2 weeks

Tues 7-10pm