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 The Commercial Blueprint 

 THE Most Comprehensive Commercial Class Available 

 60-Day Program STARTS SEPT 6th 

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"I booked 2 commercials before I even finished THE Commercial Blueprint!"


THE Commercial Blueprint is for actors who: 

  • Want a step-by-step process they can replicate over and over for their commercial auditions 

  • Want to turn callbacks and avails into bookings

  • Feel like they're “winging” it and instead want to feel confident they're sending in "bookable" auditions 

  • Want a solid foundation for commercial auditions

 THE Commercial Blueprint shows you a step-by-step process for the following types of auditions: 

  • Slates

  • Reaction/non speaking auditions

  • Inteview auditions

  • Bite & smile auditions

  • Improv auditions

  • Scene auditions

  • Speaking auditions

 Additional topics discussed in TCB:

  • Audition examples for each audition type, so you get to see how the lessons are implemented in real time

  • Self tape/Zoom vs in-the-room

  • Handling product like a professional 

  • Memorizing copy quickly 

  • Solid commercial principles and the importance of tone

  • Nailing your eyelines

  • Acing your callbacks

  • How to do multiple distinct takes

  • Copy analysis, so you know what they they need in order to book you

Benefits of THE Commercial Blueprint vs other commercial classes available: 

  • The Commercial Blueprint lessons are prerecorded/on-demand, and they are available for you to revisit and review at your own pace. In other words, you own the Klaz. 

  • You keep compressive PDFs and checklists for each module /audition type, so you can assure that you have covered all your bases in your real life auditions.

  • Analysis you do in TCB will set you up to become your own commercial guru.

  • There are 2 separate Zoom Q&As with Kaz where you can get answers about TCB and/or real life audition situations. And if you cannot make a Q&A , do not worry. Q&As are recorded, so you can watch the Q&As at your convenience.

  • Audition examples by Kaz for each audition type that 'show' you the lessons in an audition format, so you can see techniques in action.  

  • You get feedback from a casting session runner that has real life in-the-room experience. 

How does THE Commercial Blueprint work? 

Once enrolled in TCB, you will begin the program by doing 2 self tapes and turning them into TCB workstation.

Then you watch TCB lessons on the auditions types you turned in.  

Once you have watched the lessons, you redo those same auditions with the techniques you learned in TCB. 

Got questions? I got you! We will hold a Q&A/Kallbacks 1x a month, via Zoom, to answer any questions you may have about THE Commercial Blueprint or any question you may have about commercial auditions in general.

You will then be partnered up with another actor in the program, and you will each evaluate each other's Commercial Blueprint auditions. Kaz will also give written feedback.

Rinse and repeat for month 2 (with different commercial audition types).

In month 2, you will turn in one of your TCB redo auditions for the commercial session runner to give you feedback on your performance. 

What is a hybrid course? 

Pre-recorded/On-demand lessons & interactive

  • Prerecorded/On-Demand Portion 

TCB lessons/modules are prerecorded. Why? So they are yours to keep and re-watch. You are able to revisit lessons/recorded modules whenever you want. Sometimes just reviewing techniques can shift you back into booking.

"As someone who is more of a visual learner, this format was great for me. I don't mind taking notes etc, but having them available for me in visual/audio format is great, because it allowed me to focus entirely on the lesson vs having to worry about keeping up with note taking and if my hand got tired writing. Plus, if I didn't quite understand something, I could rewind!"


But also:

Acting is physical.

You need to try it on, practice it, and get feedback on what YOU are doing so YOU can learn to elevate your auditions. 

  • 2 Month Interactive Portion: 

Actors turn in self tape auditions (15 in total). This allows actors to implement the lessons into an audition exercise. 

Actors will also peer-evaluate a fellow actor's work, so they learn to analyze and look for the step-by-step process in auditions. Kaz be monitoring and adding any feedback missed. This will help the actor and the actor evaluating understand how to implement TCB into their auditions. In addition, to ensure actors understand all Blueprint lessons,1x month, actors have a 2 hour Q&A with Kaz. She also answers any questions on how to implement TCB in any of your actual auditions. Q&As are also recorded and uploaded into TCB, so actors can watch at their convenience. Finally, actors will have one of their auditions evaluated by a commercial session runner so they get an industry professional's feedback. 

Why peer-evaluation? 

We remember: 

10% of what we read
20% of what we hear
30% of what we see
50% of what we see and hear

70% of what we discuss with others

80% of what we personally experience

95% of what we teach others
- Edgar Dale

This program is designed for YOU TO BECOME YOUR OWN COMMERCIAL GURU.

The goal is for YOU are able to analyze your own work and auditions and to feel confident about what you are turning in. My booking ratio has increased DRAMATICALLY since teaching THE Commercial Blueprint. Why? Because I am analyzing your work without the stress of me trying to book the job. Because I am focusing on the work by implementing the techniques in TCB. The feedback is not only for the fellow actor you will be paired up with, but, more importantly, for you to practice analyzing the work. 

"The way the Q&As and Reviews were handled - I always felt like it was such a safe space for me to learn/share/fail/grow! I also loved that questions were never answered just to give an answer, but answered thoughtfully. I can't wait for my next auditions, as I feel like I just left the pit stop at a car race and all my tools have been sharpened. I'm ready to go!"

What does TCB include?

  •  On-demand course with 10+ modules you get to keep forever 

  • Audition examples by Kaz for each audition type that 'show' you the lessons in an audition format

  • PDFs of TCB techniques that you can use as notes/reminders for your real life auditions

  • Checklists for each audition type that you can also keep and use for your real life auditions. 

  • Monthly Zoom Q&As/Kallbacks with Kaz. This is recorded in case you are unable to attend. 

  • Feedback from a fellow actor and written feedback from Kaz

  • Video feedback from a commercial casting session runner on one audition of your choice 

  • Membership in TCB community group

  • FREE-Off Book in 30 Min (or less) Commercial Memorization Technique (value $75)

Nuts & Bolts of THE Commercial Blueprint: 

  • Starts Sept 6th

  • Q&As/Kallbacks: Wednesdays @ 10am PST (1x a month) 

  • $395 - Can be paid in 2 payments of $197.50

What are actors saying about THE Commercial Blueprint? 

"Before TCB, I knew that auditions should be specific, but Kaz really breaks down the elements that make an audition specific (moment before, who, what, where, utters and mutters, moment after, etc). So, now, I actually do have a blueprint to follow every time I get an audition, and am excited to see how it will result in more bookings for me."


" I'm so much more confident in my choices and my own magic. I've stopped asking myself what "they're looking for" and instead shifted to "how can I be of service?" And it takes so much of the pressure off! It reminds me why I love to act, and now I view every audition with less pressure and way more fun. And, it shows!"

"Before taking TCB, I did not have a solid process for my commercial auditions, and when I finished the first few lessons I could already see myself evolving in this space. Now, I am so confident with my process and moving forward within the commercial world, thanks to THE Commercial Blueprint!" 

Carolina T.

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