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Online Courses


Film & TV


Do you want to:

Book your first costar? 

-have a process for your film/TV auditions? 

-know how to do do scene with lots of actions? 

-know how to implement the key elements  to turn in a 'bookable self tape" 

Costar Decoded is your process for film & TV self tapes

Plus get the 

Actors Guide:: Nailing Common Actions in Self Tapes

for FREE! (value $75)

If you are serious about being in the biz...this is a no brainer!

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Online Courses

Nailing Common Actions in Self Tapes

Having physicality is half the battle to creating a character and environment.   Two of THE most important elements to an 🌟outstanding self tape.🌟

If you go in for: 
✴️ Nurse/Doc
✴️ Love Interest 
✴️ Bad Guy/Gal
✴️ Emotional Scenes
✴️ Bartender
✴️ Cop/Investigator
Actors Guide To Nailing The Most Common Actions in Self Tapes is for YOU! 

Consider it your on demand cheat sheet to create action/physicality for your self tapes!

Copy of ctors Guide Nailing Common Actions in Self Tapes .png

THE Commercial Blueprint 

THE most comprehensive commercial course for actors. 

I now have the tools to make specific decisions swiftly in my auditions.

Oh, also, I booked my first commercial in a year, after only  the 1st class! 

TCB provides actors a clear repeatable process for each audition:

  • How to Book Off Your Slate

  • Nail your non speaking/ reaction auditions

  • Charm your way to a booking in interviews

  • How to create easy and fun improv auditions

  • Perfect Eyelines

  • Bite and Smile Auditions

  • Handling Product with Ease

  • How to build a relationship FAST for scene auditions

  • Booking the Callback Room

  • AND  FREE BONUS ➡️ Get Off Book in 30 Min or Less -Commercial Technique

This hybrid course gives you:

  • Access to the lesson for life as they are recorded modules you can revisit any time you want to review or have an audition. 3+ hrs of instruction

  • Access to Kaz in 3 separate Q&A sessions where you can get clear on lessons and get your questions answered about any real life audition question you may have. 

  • Feedback on your work from Kaz & industry guest.

THE Commercial Blueprint is back 

SEPT 2024

Click below for all the details

Online Courses

OFF BOOK IN 30 MIN...or less!

Do you struggle to memorize your lines? Do you get last-minute Self Tapes and stress out about getting off-book?


I have designed three Klaz techniques to help YOU get off-book in 30 minutes (or less)!

  • Commercial Memorization Technique 

  • Q&A Story Builder

  • Funneling  

1+ hour of lessons & techniques you can do anytime & have lifetime access to! 

$75 gets you off book FAST!

Off Book in 30 Promo Sample.png

Three weeks after I took THE Commercial Blueprint, I booked a National Commercial!!

After over a year of not booking, I'm back in the game thanks to Kaz.

-Juan Carlos A.


46% got a CALLBACK

32% got PINNED or on AVAIL

23% BOOKED directly off their self tape

91% feel more CONFIDENT with their work


Increase your Self Tape Callback Rate!

Zoom Events


Free virtual Q&As with industry professionals & experts.

What actors are saying... 

Cathy V.

"Coaching with the powerhouse women at Line Runner Tapes transformed my game. Kazandra's guidance unlocked emotional depth, and Sachié's coaching led to my first recurring role. Their creativity and intuition shaped nuanced characters, while maintaining freedom. Grateful for bringing out my authentic self for EVERY character!"

Caitlin F.

​"first session at Line Runner Tapes was also my first time getting coaching ever, which led to my first callback for a series regular! Also, the ability to get coached and self tape at the same time is an invaluable resource."

Cindy L.

"Line Runner Tapes is a GAME-CHANGER! Working with Kaz is an absolute joy – every session becomes a space for exploration and play. Unlike other LA self-tape facilities, I never feel rushed or misunderstood. Kaz has transformed the self-tape process into something I genuinely look forward to. It's a game-changer to have someone on your side. I wish I found her sooner!"


Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.

Line Runner specialize in coaching, self tapes & classes...or Klazes ;)

What sets Line Runner apart from all the other studios in LA? At Line Runner Tapes we coach our clients as we tape. Kazandra cares about her clients' audition and success as if they were her own. 

Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to helping actors pursue the career they love. With our passion for excellence and attention to detail, we’re confident in the education and guidance you will find here.

Line Runner provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success in self tapes and in-the-room auditions.

Line Runner creator, Kazandra Santana, has being in the industry for  10+ years as an actor, in casting, and has done 40+ commercials. She has studied at the top studios in LA/NYC. You can currently catch her short film, Bebe, on HBO.



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